Chemical Relations

Business and organisational development specialists to the Chemical Value Chain

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The government is rebalancing the economy to promote manufacturing and reverse 30 years of decline in this sector.

The chemical value chain delivers in excess of £860 billion of sales every year to the UK economy, generating a Gross Value Added of £270 billion. It is the number one manufacturing exporter.

As the UK emerges from this recession, it is an excellent opportunity to create and develop new strong businesses with significant growth potential, creating new skilled jobs and securing the future of the chemical value chain.

Chemistry and its related disciplines have a proud history of being at the heart of the creation of entrepreneurial science and technolology businesses.

New chemical technologies are intrinsic to addressing some of the world's greatest challenges: Climate change, energy supply and demand, safe water, affordable medicines to name but four.

We now live longer lives as a result of Chemistry. Safe water, food, medicines

Chemistry will discover new products to replace those that will one day run out

Chemistry will help us to become more energy efficient.

Chemistry has a vital role to play in the design of products and services that deliver exceptional sustainable performance throughout their life cycle.

Innovation in thinking; Innovation in design; Innovation in performance; Innovation in actions; Innovation from cradle to grave.

About Chemical Relations

Chemical Relations is a company focused upon helping emerging and early stage businesses in the chemical value chain achieve their true potential.

Our team comprises of people who have significant experience across a wide range of the different sectors of the industry and a track history of delivering success.

We work with entrepreneurs, academics and small businesses to build successful enterprises. Chemical Relations provides a range of business services to assist its clients develop their business and organisation.

We provide objective and unbiased expertise to prospective clients based upon our collective years of business experience and executive leadership within the chemical value chain. We will add the Commercial Dynamic to essential science based businesses.

Our goal is to foster innovation, create new jobs and build real, sustainable wealth within the chemical value chain.

Although our principal activities are targeted towards early stage and emerging businesses, we have also worked with clients up to the size of multinational corporations adding significant value to their activities, both in the UK and beyond.

What does Chemical Relations do?

Service Offering

Financial (Click to view)

  • Preparing for Company formation and financing
  • Identification and delivery of sources of finance to meet the client business model and financing needs
  • Business plan preparation and critique
  • Financial planning and business modelling
  • Financial, tax and statutory reporting

Commercial and Operational (Click to view)

  • Marketing strategy
  • Account management and commercial development
  • Negotiation support with respect to principle contracts
  • IP strategy and licensing
  • Manufacturing and supply chain management
  • Working capital management
  • Corporate identity development
  • Website development

Leadership and Management (Click to view)

  • Executive management and leadership
  • Organisational development and mentoring
  • Training
  • Non Executive Directorships

Merger and Acquisition services (Click to view)

  • Strategy
  • Target identification and screening
  • Due Diligence
  • Transaction Execution
  • Integration
  • Divestment

Who are Chemical Relations?

We also have an extensive network of advisors and contacts across the sectors and segments, services, disciplines and geography of the industry.

How do we do it?

Scope (Click to view)

Initially, the scope of the project will be determined and the resources selected to best address the needs of the client.

  • Upon engagement a Letter of Understanding/Contract will be signed by the Client and CRL defining the probable scope of the work before and after company formation, plus the terms of compensation
  • Rates of compensation and terms of payment will be negotiated prior to engagement, and will be tailored to meet the needs of the client, consistent with the overall business opportunity
  • All travel expenses will be reimbursed at cost (plus relevant VAT) from the date of engagement
  • Where external investment is required, finders fees will be charged for successful procurement of finance at the prevailing market rates and related to the sum raised.

Modus Operandi (Click to view)

The services will be provided through the following delivery models:

  1. Consultation
  2. Implementation and Delivery
  3. Executive management and Leadership
  4. Non-executive directorships

Consulting service will be charged at daily rates, job rates or in return for future equity. Implementation and delivery services will be charged at a job rate or in return for future equity.

Executive management and Leadership will be charged at market rates for such roles.

Non-executive directorship fees will be charged at a monthly rate, consistent with market rates for such roles.